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Shed Builder Spotlight: Kevin Chavarria, Stor-Mor Portable Buildings

The shed market is currently evolving and expanding at an incredibly fast rate. The possibilities around what a shed can be used for, how a homeowner can integrate it with a home, and ease of financing the purchase are driving demand in ways we have never seen. Add that in with the growing need for storage, organization, and durability, it can be hard to keep up with every trend.

For a look inside what those in the shed industry are experiencing, we spoke with Kevin Chavarria, Chief Operating Officer at Stor-Mor Portable Buildings, to get his take on current shed industry trends, LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products, and much more.

The Look and Use of a Shed Matters

“The pandemic has driven the market,” Chavarria says. “With customers using sheds for workplaces at home, the market is elevated.”

Although still a primary concern, price is no longer the only driver when selling sheds. According to Chavarria, other trends and interests are becoming more important to shed customers. “They’re wanting more options for color as well as electrical setups,” he says. “The colors customers want are driven by home renovation shows they see on TV.” 

The board and batten look also remains popular. In addition to its appearance on homes, the same trend has begun to appear on sheds. Shed buyers are also interested in contrasting colors, using different colors on their shed’s trim and siding to create a look that stands out. 

When it comes to the exterior appearance of a shed, Chavarria notes that each area of the country has its own styles and colors, so preferences can vary. “For example, in south Texas shed customers are more interested in bright, flashy colors, but central Texas sees more modern colors, like white, gray and tan,” he explains.

“We let dealers dictate what the colors will look like according to the trends per region,” Chavarria says. “Dealers know what their specific customers will want.”

Shed Buyers Invest in Quality  

“Shed buyers also want outstanding quality,” Chavarria adds. “Better products increase their willingness to invest in premium sheds.”

Stor-Mor relies on being able to go into details around premium products to sell customers on the value of investing in a shed. At times, Chavarria gets the opportunity to show customers that LP SmartSide products aren’t particle board; instead they are engineered wood products designed with durability in mind. He recommends utilizing product marketing materials, like those that LP sends, to best explain to prospective customers the products that make up Stor-Mor sheds.

Sometimes real-world stories help sell their customers, too. When he gets a chance to share stories like that with customers, they’re more likely to see the benefits of engineered wood. “It comes down to what happens in situations where different weather environments can cause issues,” Chavarria says. He says selecting premium products that are manufactured to defend the shed build against the elements, like LP products, can give shed professionals confidence knowing that day-to-day weather is no threat. 

The LP SmartSide 5/50-year limited warranty is also crucial for Chavarria. “Customers feel comfortable about what they’re investing when they learn about the warranty,” he adds. If a customer isn’t convinced LP SmartSide siding is the best solution for their shed, Chavarria turns to the warranty as the biggest selling point.

Make a Lasting Choice

Stor-Mor Portable Buildings has been using LP SmartSide products for 10–12 years alongside LP® ProStruct® Flooring, which is designed specifically for outdoor structures, and LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring.

“We continue to choose LP products because of how easy they are to work with,” Chavarria says. “They’re lightweight, which reduces the weight of our structures, and pre-primed siding is ready for paint from the get-go, which speeds production.”

What about other alternatives for shed exteriors? “There’s no comparison that I’d feel comfortable with,” Chavarria says. For his company over years of success, LP SmartSide products have proven to be a perfect solution for shed customers and installers alike.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on the industry as staying at home and investing in alternative-use sheds took center stage. This, along with the other trends mentioned above, continues to grow and develop the shed market.

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