Shed Builder Spotlight: Premier Portable Buildings

LP is proud to be a preferred materials supplier for Premier Portable Buildings, a shed manufacturer with a network of shed dealers covering 30 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces. This family-owned business has seen rapid growth within just a few short years.

Impressive Growth by Emphasizing Premier Materials

Premier Portable Buildings was founded in 2011 by Tyson Babb and Sam Hancock. With a long history working in the shed industry, Babb decided to venture out and create his own company, building sheds in a slightly different way by emphasizing premier materials.

“We haven’t seen anything that stands up to the quality and durability of LP shed materials,” says Joey Delapp, Chief Information Officer for Premier Portable Buildings. “LP products also add value to our business, as customers recognize the brand and are confident in the quality of the products LP engineers.”

Starting with only five employees in 2013, Premier Portable Buildings has already increased its number of employees to 78, working in more than 30 shops throughout the United States.

Shed Buyers Are Going Big

Delapp notes that in general, shed buyers are going bigger with their shed size, with Premier’s most popular model being the 10x20 side-lofted barn. “We chalk it up to the economy getting better, so people can afford more in terms of sheds, as well as the items they’re purchasing that they’ll need to store in a shed,” explains Delapp. “It’s also important [for dealers] to bring up that people acquire things over time and that shed sizes are all relative to individual lifestyles to ensure people get the right size.”

Durability is a major consideration when selling a shed, and Delapp believes selling sheds built with LP materials definitely reduces callbacks. “I am confident the product can stand up because I’ve seen it over time,” he says. “When installed correctly, LP products don’t swell or deteriorate from moisture saturation as I’ve seen others do, and the products are backed by a great warranty – which is another big selling point for customers.”

If prospective customers are waffling on price, Delapp is sure to point out the advantages of purchasing a shed built from LP engineered wood – and sometimes that’s all it takes to close the deal. “I had a customer in Atlanta who was looking at LP sheds but mentioned he could go cheaper and it’d suffice for what he needed it for,” Delapp says. “At that point, I listed out six or seven different items for him to take a look at when he checked the sheds at the cheaper dealer down the road. He went, he came back and said ‘You’re right, your sheds offer so much more.’ A purchase was made shortly after.”

Where to Buy a Storage Shed

To purchase a shed from Premier Portable Buildings, find your nearest dealer. If you live in a different state, find shed dealers near you that build with LP products. Learn more about LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products.

*Images courtesy of Premier Portable Buildings

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