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Business Advice3 min
Proving Not All Radiant Barriers Offer The Same Advantages

Radiant barriers are a tremendous value in warmer Southern climates, helping reduce radiant energy from heating the attic that result in lo…

Business Advice4 min
How to Avoid the Four Most Common Siding Installation Mistakes

While LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is easier to install, builders may feel pressured to skip a second look at…

Inspiration4 min
Dos and Don’ts of Installing Alternative-Use Sheds

Traditional sheds offer practical storage for items like tools, garden equipment and out-of-season toys. Today, sheds are becoming an exten…

Business Advice10 min
How to Prevent Lap Siding from Buckling by Using a Butt Joint

It’s a silly name, but a “butt joint” is an application technique where two pieces of material are “butted” up against each other. It is th…

Outdoor Living6 min
4 Ways to Grow Your Best Garden This Spring

Last month, we offered ideas that helped you get ready for the new gardening season. If you followed those tips, you’ve already mapped out …

5 Tips to Reduce Material Waste on Job Sites

It’s said time is money, and when it comes to construction, materials equal big money too. Anytime materials end up in the dumpster due to …

Maintenance4 min
Get More Out of an Outdoor Shed with Warranty Coverage

Beautiful and exceptionally durable, LP® engineered wood products feature many innovations to make your outdoor shed a cut a…

Renovation6 min
FAQs About 5 Home Siding Options

Siding is a major concern during any home exterior remodeling project. Use this guide to learn more about siding materials and the installa…

News & Stories9 min
Update: The LP® SmartSide® Limited Warranty Now Protects Against Hail Damage

Just in time for severe weather season, LP has expanded its limited warranty coverage to include hail damage. The recent update to the LP

Business Advice4 min
[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® House Trim Application Tips & Tricks

House trim gives homes and other structures a clean, finished look. Nothing is a better complement to beautiful LP® SmartSid…

Inspiration5 min
Why You Can Believe in LP® SmartSide®, Part 5: Easy Installation

In the previous installments of this blog series, we discussed several aspects of LP® SmartSide® engineered w…

Business Advice4 min
[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Panel Application Tips & Tricks

Not all exterior siding options are created equal. LP shed products are beautiful and exceptionally durable to make your storage building o…

Business Advice7 min
Installation Video Series, Part 8: Repairing Lap Siding Butt Joints

Siding repair contractors can use the following as guidance when repairing butt joints that were not spaced correctly and may be causing LP…

Installation Video Series, Part 7: Pre-Finished Lap Siding

LP® SmartSide® products can be professionally prefinished before they get installed on the home. When handlin…

Outdoor Living7 min
He Shed, She Shed, Episode 4: "Green Acres Goes Pink"

LP is pleased to support the FYI Television Network’s exciting new DIY design series, He Shed She Shed! What used to be a…

Business Advice9 min
Installation Video Series, Part 4: Installing LP® SmartSide® Cedar Shakes

Installing LP® SmartSide® Cedar Shakes combines the practices of Lap Siding and Panel Siding. They use an ove…

Business Advice9 min
Installation Video Series, Part 3: Installing LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding

It can be common practice for some builders to finish the front of a home with lap siding, and the remaining walls with panel siding. LP

Business Advice9 min
Installation Video Series, Part 2: Installing LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding

LP SmartSide Precision Series Lap Siding can be installed over code-approved nailable sheathing, or directly to framing. If you install lap…

Business Advice9 min
Installation Video Series, Part 1: Installing LP® SmartSide® Trim & Fascia

Previously, we took a look at some of the important benefits of LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products in the …

Installation Video Series: Intro to LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding

It’s hard to beat the natural look of a home finished in real wood. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products are…

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