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What Is Engineered Strand Technology (EST)?

Engineered Strand Technology: Innovation at the Core of LP Structural Solutions As a builder, you know the importance of defending your build against the elements. Taking precautionary measures with premium products like those in the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio can help ensure a tight building envelope from the first stages of the building process.

LP Structural Solutions engineers products with this in mind, offering a portfolio of solutions to dominate a variety of challenges—all built on LP’s proven manufactured wood core: Engineered Strand Technology (EST).

The Core of Our Proven Products

LP has been a leader in the building industry for 50 years, and we know that continuing as a leader requires technologically advanced solutions. Built on LP’s legacy of innovation, expertise and leadership, we’re proud that the proven performance of our Engineered Strand Technology (EST) is the core of our most innovative products. 

Manufactured with advanced adhesives, Engineered Strand Technology is the intentionally designed wood substrate that serves as a base for our portfolio of LP Structural Solutions products. Backed by decades of experience, we engineer that substrate to meet the intended structural performance objectives of the finished product. 

A Portfolio of Solutions to Help You Dominate Every Build

LP Structural Solutions products are manufactured by combining Engineered Strand Technology with various unique overlays, coatings and other technologies that help protect against the elements, simplify the building process and bring strength to every build. Let’s take a quick look at the challenges each of these products are designed to tackle:

LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier integrates a water-resistive overlay with Structural I wall and roof sheathing manufactured with EST which, when panel joints are sealed with LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Tape, helps safeguard the home against air and water intrusion.

LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring boasts proven strength for the toughest sub-flooring jobs on the planet by using EST and Gorilla Glue Technology® for APA-verified stiffness and super moisture resistance.

LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier blocks radiant heat from emitting into the attic with an aluminum overlay adhered to sheathing equipped with EST.  

To create LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated Sheathing, which helps meet code requirements for fire-resistant construction, LP’s proprietary non-combustible, fiberglass-reinforced Pyrotite® coating is added to sheathing manufactured with EST.

Equipped with LP’s RainChannel® technology to help drain away rainwater during construction, LP® TopNotch® 350 Durable Sub-Flooring panels are manufactured with EST for strength and excellent moisture resistance and certified by the APA (The Engineered Wood Association) in conformance with U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS 2.

Finally, LP NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing protects structures against heat loss and gain by combining sheathing manufactured with EST with XPS foam to provide continuous insulation.

Structural Solutions Start With Engineered Strand Technology Innovation

As the building industry relies more and more on innovative, easy-to-use multi-purpose products, LP keeps innovating with advancements built on our proven EST. The result is a portfolio of products that go beyond what traditional OSB provides and gives you materials that provide exceptional performance at every point of the build. 

Are you ready to equip your build to stand up to the elements? Check out our portfolio of resilient building solutions manufactured with EST. 

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