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How Pivoting to Premium Products Can Reduce Customer Callbacks

With today’s hot housing market the last thing you want to do is stop, backtrack, and address a customer callback. In any economy, callbacks in construction cost money and time—time you may not have. Some builders are dramatically reducing customer callbacks by choosing building products that promote greater performance. 

Why Should You Use Premium Products to Reduce Customer Callbacks? 

Manufacturers like LP Building Solutions dedicate time and technology to create value-added OSB technologies to match a range of performance levels. This means builders can match solutions with their client’s budget, location, performance expectations and length of expected residency. 

“The LP® Structural Solutions portfolio lets builders look at their projects comprehensively,” says Casey Smyth, Brand Manager, LP Structural Solutions. “We take special care in the advanced manufacturing of these products, and the portfolio offers the best value for homeowners who can take advantage of the whole system.”

“While each of our products is designed to protect a home from a very specific threat, they can perform even better together as a suite of complementary, high-quality products,” he added. 

Standing Up to the Elements

Each LP Structural Solutions product is developed to overcome specific challenges faced by builders under a varied set of conditions. 

“We take the time to put advanced engineering into our products upfront. Each product in the LP Structural Solutions portfolio is designed to go beyond and perform better to be more resilient,” says Smyth. “If you take LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring, for example, advanced engineering and Gorilla Glue Technology® help the panels better stand up to the elements they are exposed to on a jobsite.” 

Smyth says going beyond what you’d expect in a sub-flooring panel helps reduce warping and dimensional damage, reducing the likelihood of a customer callback. 

LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier is another LP Structural Solutions product that’s designed to exceed what ordinary roof sheathing can do. The radiant barrier blocks up to 97% of radiant heat in panels from emitting into a home’s attic, which can lower attic temperatures by up to 30° F.

While you appreciate the easy installation, your customers will enjoy the lower energy bills and a potentially longer-lasting HVAC system—knocking off another area that could bring callbacks from unhappy customers. 

Jordan Smith of Smith House Co. has firsthand experience installing LP TechShield Radiant Barrier. Watch what he has to say about the added protection against heat and higher bills:

How the Right WRB Reduces Callbacks in Construction

LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier helps safeguard the home from water intrusion for a tighter building envelope while allowing moisture vapor to escape. 

“This product is ideal because there is less room for error in the installation process,” says Smyth. “Because a water-resistive overlay is incorporated into the LP WeatherLogic panel, your crew just has to tape up the seams to create the WRB. That means there’s less likelihood for moisture infiltration, which reduces callbacks.” 

Kyle Stumpenhorst of RR Buildings noted that the ease of install and protection from the elements are just two of the reasons why builders like working with LP WeatherLogic panels. Check out the full video here. 

How Manufacturers Stand Behind Their Product Reduces Callbacks

Whether it’s in research facilities or out on job sites across the country, the LP Structural Solutions portfolio of high-performance products is proven to Defend Your Build®—no matter what you throw at it. 

By choosing building materials with proven product claims and strong warranties, you can stake your reputation on your build and be assured you’ll have fewer customer callbacks. Take a look at these superior limited warranties offered by LP. They demonstrate the confidence the company has in its products, giving you and your customers better peace of mind. 

Another way to reduce customer callbacks in construction is to know what kind of customer you’re working with. Learn about the top three different types of clients in construction for more business advice. 

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