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How to Maximize Your Time During The Off-Season

While fall temps are welcome after a scorching summer, many builders have something else on their minds as they ease into milder temps: the arrival of the off-season. 

Though some states have climates conducive to year-round construction, for much of the U.S. winter brings uncertain weather conditions including freezing temperatures, increased rain and snowfall, making it the off-season for many builders.

As you prepare for projects to slow, take inventory of other areas of your business you want to focus on. Harnessing the mental and physical energy you would usually spend on the jobsite for business development will allow you to leave winter with a clearer plan on how to maximize your time in the upcoming construction season.

Sharpen Your Skills & Equip Your Team with LP SkillBuilder®

Less construction during the off-season means more time to focus on sharpening skills you and your team already have and even adding new ones to your tool belts. 

Online training like the LP SkillBuilder® Online Training Program is a great starting point if you’re a builder, remodeler or installer looking to maximize your time during the off-season and perfecting your trade. The free training program will equip you with tools and resources to help your business thrive. When you enroll, you get exclusive content that covers everything from installation instructions to homeowner selling techniques. 

Boost Your Business with LP® Remodelers Edge

Though it can be tempting to write off winter as a lull in work, it can be the season where some of the most important groundwork for your business is laid—and the LP SkillBuilder® program is just the start. 

Remodelers Edge is LP’s loyalty program for contractors looking to take their business to the next level. By submitting LP® SmartSide® product purchase invoices and completing training, remodelers can unlock rewards including marketing support and referrals designed to boost your business. 

“Over the years, we’ve seen many contractors utilize our loyalty program to gain homeowner leads, learn to market their businesses more effectively, and reinvest their rewards back into their business in a number of ways,” said A.J. Keating, Associate Segment Marketing Manager at LP.

“From branded vehicle wraps and lead generation campaigns to outfitting their crews with shirts that proudly display their company logo alongside LP, we’re proud to have helped our contractors become stronger business owners and smarter marketers.”

A Great Construction Season Starts in the Off-Season

As you wrap up this season’s builds and venture into the off-season, creating a plan of attack will set you up to hit the ground running when spring comes and deliver top-tier building practices for your clients. Enroll in LP SkillBuilder® or sign up for Remodelers Edge to get a head start on Building a Better World.

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Industry Trends7 min

Tighter Lot Sizes Focus More Attention on Fire Separation Distance

It’s no secret that many developers, architects and builders are reducing lot size as one way to hold down housing costs and maintain profitability. In fact, the rise of zero-lot-line homes, odd-lot/infill development and compressed parcel spacing is helping shape a new housing normal for many communities. This downsizing is focusing attention on minimum fire separation distance.

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Resiliency Solutions

6 min
Risk Factor® Wind Factor: Calculating Wind Risk in Construction

To increase consideration for building more resilient homes, LP Building Solutions is partnering with the First Street Foundation®, a coalition working to help builders assess and protect against environmental threats from fire, extreme heat, flooding and wind.

Resiliency Solutions

5 min
Is OSB Waterproof?

The short answer is no, but the real question is: how does rain and water affect oriented strand board (OSB)? Let’s dig into the details of OSB’s construction.

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How to Build Your Construction Team

All of this points to an essential question everyone in construction is asking today: How can we build an effective team and retain our best talent? And that’s fair to wonder with all of the industry’s current staffing challenges. But here’s the good news: you can still take steps to create a highly talented team that delivers exceptional results.