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Installation Video Series, Part 8: Repairing Lap Siding Butt Joints

Siding repair contractors can use the following as guidance when repairing butt joints that were not spaced correctly and may be causing LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding to buckle. When installed, all ends and butt joints should be spaced a minimum of 3/16″.

The Remedy Process

Let’s begin with the remedy process. You’ll start by using wooden wedges to separate the affected piece of lap from the overlapping piece above. To protect the housewrap from this next step, you may use a piece of metal sheeting to slide behind the lap siding. Using a keyhole or reciprocating saw with a fine-toothed blade, remove enough material from the end of one piece of lap siding in order to provide at least 3/16″ of space.

If any area of the siding has been forced to deflect away from the wall, face-nail only that area to flatten the piece back against the wall.

instructions for siding repair contractors to fix lp smartside lap siding butt joints

Preparing the Joints for Finishing

Be sure to properly caulk and paint all exposed nail heads. Remove all loose debris, sawdust and leftover caulk from the expansion joint to smooth out the cut ends so that the surface is prepared for finishing. Using a brush, prime all exposed wood fibers in accordance with application instructions.

Be sure to follow the paint manufacturer’s application and maintenance instructions. Seal the gap with an ASTM C920, Class 25 Sealant.

Finish the repaired area using an exterior paint consistent with LP SmartSide siding application instructions. Be sure to follow the paint manufacturer’s application and maintenance instructions.

Homeowners, Find Siding Repair Contractors in Your Area

For more LP SmartSide siding installation tips, visit If you are a homeowner searching for authorized LP SmartSide siding repair contractors in your area, visit Get LP SmartSide today.

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