Shed Builder Spotlight: Heartland Sheds

Since its beginning in 1975 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Heartland Sheds has grown into North America's largest manufacturer of wooden storage and recreational buildings. Heartland Sheds has sold over three million sheds to date and currently installs in approximately 80% of the country. Jason Bergeron, director of marketing for Backyard Products (parent company of Heartland Sheds), accredits a large portion of the company’s success to its adaptability to consumer trends.

Adapting to Trends

Bergeron notes that sheds frequently reflect housing and design trends. For example, the popularity of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their signature Modern Farmhouse look has exploded in recent years. With this, Heartland Sheds is considering plans to add a Modern Farmhouse shed to its portfolio in 2020. Additionally, the recent trend of homeowners purchasing smaller homes has created an increased demand for the additional space backyard sheds provide.

“Making It” a Lifestyle Movement

One of the biggest cultural trends Bergeron has witnessed over the last few years is the rise of “maker culture” and consumers purchasing sheds for more unique lifestyle purposes beyond simply storage (i.e. bar sheds, she sheds, workshops, offices, etc.). To showcase this, Heartland Sheds recently teamed up with reality TV show “Making It” with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. In the episode, which aired in December 2019, four contestants were tasked with transforming a Heartland Shed into a unique lifestyle shed, each reflecting a different theme.

“We used LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products because we wanted our sheds to stand out and look amazing,” says Bergeron. “LP® SmartSide® specifically provided contestants design flexibility so each was able to bring their unique vision to life.”

Upholding Brand Standards

Heartland Sheds has been using LP Outdoor Building Solutions products for decades, and Bergeron notes that LP is a major factor behind upholding its brand standards. “LP Outdoor Building Solutions checks all the boxes for us,” says Bergeron. “The siding is extremely durable, warp-resistant, and is designed to resist insects and harsh weather conditions. LP is also easier to install. For example, it comes pre-primed and saves us time on the jobsite, which lowers labor and materials costs.”

Bergeron goes on to say that the LP Outdoor Building Solutions name is a key selling point for them. “The LP name has a high-quality reputation, and we leverage it in our sales materials. It gives customers peace of mind that their purchase will last.”

Where to Buy

Heartland Sheds services the majority of the United States. You can buy an installed Heartland Shed entirely online at To connect with Heartland Sheds, call 800-234-6167, submit an online message or see their sheds in person at Lowe’s stores nationwide.

Check out LP’s Shed Happenings page for more information like this.

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