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About The Product

Where can I find LP® SmartSide® products in my area?

You can find LP SmartSide in your area by using our Where to Buy tool.

What’s the difference between Series 38 and Series 76 Lap Siding?

Other than material thickness, one main difference is 38 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs spaced a maximum of 16 inches o.c. whereas 76 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs a maximum of 24 inches o.c.

Can lap siding be ripped to create a smaller size?

Ripping lap siding to make narrower lap siding is not recommended. It may be necessary to rip the lap siding at times where the wall terminates at the soffit or around penetrations. Use special care to prime and paint any exposed wood fibers.

What is LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Lap?

LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® features an ExpertFinish® Lap to avoid the need for seam caulking, joint molds or pan flashing on the jobsite. This new feature will only be available on ExpertFinish products. It features a lip on the profile of the product that helps contractors line up each piece of lap to exact specifications on the 3/8” gap. The technology is trademarked to LP.


Can soffit be used as a siding material?

There are two siding and soffit panels that can be used interchangeably. Please refer to the LP SmartSide product catalog for more information.

Can LP® SmartSide® products be installed over weather barriers or rain screens?

Yes. For technical assistance, please call 1-888-820-0325.

Do I need special tools to work with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding?

No. LP SmartSide Trim & Siding can be installed using common woodworking tools.

Are there videos available for me to access siding installation tips?

Yes. We feature an 8-part installation video series on our YouTube channel.

Get In Touch

Can an installation expert visit my jobsite?

LP does not conduct inspections for verifying installation or report on installations. Our recommendation is to either obtain a third party inspection by a home inspector or conduct a walk-through with the contractor to review any deviation between the application instructions and the installed products. At that time, remedies should be discussed between both parties.

Color & Prefinishing

How do I find a prefinisher in my area?

To find a prefinisher in your area, download a complete list of our Pre-Finish Network.

What paint/primer do you recommend?

Exterior-quality 100% acrylic latex paint, specially formulated for use on wood and engineered wood substrates, are highly recommended.

How many colors is LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® available in?

LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding is available in 16 versatile colors that will complement any home’s style. To see the full color palette and available SKUs, click here.

Can I apply a custom color to LP SmartSide?

Yes, LP encourages customers to work with a preferred prefinisher for custom color application.


How can I receive an LP® SmartSide® product catalog?

To receive an LP SmartSide product catalog, please call 1-888-820-0325 or download our digital version here.

Where can I access product dimensions and weight?

Product dimensions and weight can be found in tables listed in our LP SmartSide product catalog. These tables are generally located below or next to the product of interest.

Where can I obtain LP® SmartSide® warranty information?

Our warranty and other technical documents related to LP SmartSide Trim & Siding can found within Product Literature here.

How should I maintain my siding?

For instructions on general cleaning and maintenance, please refer to the LP SmartSide care & maintenance instructions for general maintenance or prior to repainting. If working with LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding, please click here.