Sustainable Engineered
Wood Siding

Our product portfolio has been verified carbon negative, meaning that LP® SmartSide® products store
more carbon than the total greenhouse gas emissions released throughout their life cycle.

What Makes LP® SmartSide® Siding a Sustainable Choice?

Industry-Leading Durability

LP SmartSide products boast advanced durability due to our proprietary LP SmartGuard® manufacturing process. They’re also backed by a 5/50-year per-piece prorated limited warranty.

Can Lead to Less Waste

LP SmartSide siding and trim comes in longer lengths and remains durable during the construction process. This can lead to less waste on the jobsite, not replacing siding as often and the ability to use most of the product you’ve purchased.

Carbon Negative

  • Verified carbon negative
  • Products store more carbon than greenhouse gas emissions released throughout their life cycle
  • Leave a legacy you’re proud of

Sourced From Renewable Materials

LP SmartSide products are made primarily from aspen trees, which naturally regenerate. We also source from forests managed by LP under strict SFI® standards.

Manufactured Sustainability

LP SmartSide siding is made of 91% wood fiber, which comes from sustainable wood sources. The wood that doesn’t make it into our products is used for sustainable manufacturing practices, helping to avoid waste wherever possible.

Efficient Use of Sourced Wood Fiber

We use most of our sourced wood fiber in our products, but LP also minimizes waste by putting other parts of each log to use. For example, we use tree bark that doesn’t make it into our products as material burned for energy or sold for mulch or other purposes. Overall, 99% of the wood fiber we source is used.

Dig Deeper Into LP's Sustainability Story

Get the details behind the sustainability of LP SmartSide products and explore how LP is committed to sustainability across all business operations.

Environmental Product Declarations

Verified carbon negative, the LP SmartSide portfolio represents a more sustainable way to bring a finishing touch to every home you build. Read the EPD reports that confirm our carbon negativity here.

How LP Approaches Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just a focus for LP SmartSide products—LP takes our products' impact on the planet seriously in every aspect of what we do. Read more about our approach and get your copy of our yearly sustainability report.

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding Brings Beauty & Durability to the Ultimate Z.E.N. Home

Sustainability Resources

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