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Known for their coziness, simplicity, and tradition, natural colors and textures take center stage in the modern farmhouse style. Bright, bold colors can be used in a modern twist for this style, as well.


Contemporary homes reflect today's trends in architecture, picking up on the ever-evolving interests of designers. They typically include lots of natural light, open floor plans, sustainable building materials, and mixed materials on the exterior.


Coming out of Britain's Arts & Crafts movement, the Craftsman style made its way to America and put function first without sacrificing charm. Typically, this style includes low-pitched rooflines, wide eaves, a covered front porch with pillars lining the entry.


Inspired by architectural styles popular during Queen Victoria’s reign in the 19th century, these homes boast steep, gabled roofs, shapely windows, and decorative woodwork. They also feature ornate staircases and intricate wooden trim.


With an open and casual layout, these one-story homes have low-pitched roofs and extended eaves. Ranch style homes became popular in the 1960s and boast asymmetrical rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped designs.


Associated with the colonial period of the United States, these homes typically include two or three stories with brick or wood facades with the kitchen and living space on the first floor and bedrooms on the upper floors.

Cape Cod

With origins in 17th century Cape Cod, Mass., these charmingly simple homes bring to mind the basic vision of the American home. A Cape Cod home is recognizable by its clean lines, symmetry, and centered front door and hall.


Steep gable roofs and elaborate chimneys define the tudor style. Embellished doorways and groupings of windows also contribute to this distinct style.

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