Best Siding For High Humidity Areas

Though its effects are often slow-moving and sometimes difficult to spot, humidity can have a major impact on a siding material. That’s why choosing the best siding for humidity is an essential decision that can help preserve a home’s aesthetic value.

Can Humidity Damage Siding?

Humidity is considered the single most important weather element to threaten a home’s siding. Over time, humidity compromises the siding’s paint which leads to substrate problems and internal moisture which damages the siding integrity.
wood siding
Though aesthetically pleasing, natural wood suffers from moisture challenges associated with a naturally biodegradable material.
vinyl siding
Excessive moisture and high/low temperatures can lead to issues with the vinyl installation or the product itself like buckling.
LP SmartSide siding
LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is engineered to be an effective siding for high humidity, able to resist the effects of freeze-and-thaw cycles.

What Is The Best Siding For Humid Climates?

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is engineered specifically to stand up to moisture thanks to LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process:

  • Helps keep out moisture for long-term durability
  • Provides strength against harsh weather
  • Keeps siding structurally sound for years, so you can feel confident
yellow house

Protection Against Humidity

LP SmartSide products are a great choice for homeowners in high-humidity regions, thanks to LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process. This process ensures that every strand of wood is treated with a carefully formulated mix of resins, waxes, and zinc borate and finished with an overlay to offer complete protection against extreme heat moisture, as well as termites, and fungal decay.

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Check out LP SmartSide for siding that stands up in high humidity areas.