How to Get a Fresh Perspective on Your Home

Even a small, simple home can pack a punch of curb appeal with the right paint colors. Using color effectively is an easy and affordable way to transform the look of your home to give a welcoming first impression. You can downplay flaws by painting them the same color as the body, or you can highlight features by painting them a contrasting color.

The right exterior colors can:

  • Improve your curb appeal
  • Help increase property value
  • Make your home easier to sell

In order to get a fresh perspective of your home, it’s helpful to do the following things:

1. Take photos of your home from the street, then examine them objectively.

Looking at your home in 2D (photos) rather than 3D (in real life) can really help you hone in on what specific things might need an update or facelift.  Look for flaws or features that you may not have noticed before.

2. Drive around the neighborhood and take note of color and color placement you like.

Photograph other homes you find appealing, particularly those that are similar in style to your own. Analyzing their color placement and added features can help you visualize what changes on your own home might look like.

3. Look online to find appealing color schemes on similar homes.

Good places to look for ideas online include Houzz, Pinterest or Google images. Simply enter terms like “exterior color,” “exterior color scheme,” “exterior color ideas,” “house color ideas, “ranch exterior,” “traditional exterior,” “contemporary exterior colors,” etc., for various examples. While this can be useful, it can also be overwhelming and doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find the most attractive examples.

using color effectively with lp smartside engineered wood trim and siding

Get Help Choosing the Right Colors for Engineered Wood Siding

Whether you are updating your home to sell or want to better love the home you plan to continue living in, beautiful color combinations can take your property to the next level. The 45 exterior color palettes in The DecoroLogist Exterior Color Collection are sure to help you choose just the right colors and color placement for your home.

For more information about LP SmartSide engineered wood siding, visit

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