Tips for Running a More Efficient Jobsite During the Busy Season

Everyone knows that the construction industry is highly competitive. Customers have their choice of dozens of contractors, and most of those customers are looking for three things in their project: the lowest possible price, the fastest possible completion and the highest level of workmanship.

When your jobsite is run well, you can hit all three of these goals – and be far more profitable. Follow these proven strategies to boost construction productivity, keep project costs down and keep your jobs on schedule when work is at its busiest.

  • Have a daily meeting. Prevent poor performance with proper planning. Start each workday with a touchbase meeting with your crew to discuss what will be done that day, how much should be completed, and to provide any guidance necessary.
  • Establish leaders. Invest in hiring the most qualified supervisors and foremen possible. You can’t spend every minute on the jobsite, but you can have designated leaders who actively run each project and ensure they are completed as well, safely and efficiently as possible.
  • Stay organized. Keeping tools, equipment and materials in their place will prevent slowdowns and worker injuries. Instead of tracking the tools they need, workers will be working. Cleaning up the jobsite at the end of each day will facilitate organization and look better to a customer.
  • Use the right materials. Materials such as LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding come in 16-foot lengths that result in fewer seams. They require fewer cuts and produce less waste that must be removed from the jobsite. In addition, the strength of engineered wood makes long siding and trim pieces easier to carry and faster to install.
  • Maintain equipment. Follow manufacturer recommendations for routine maintenance and equipment checks to keep equipment operating safely and in top condition. Well-maintained equipment enhances site productivity and prevents unnecessary repair and replacement costs.
  • Pay bills on time. Subcontractors and suppliers will be much more likely to work with you and accommodate your schedule if you consistently pay bills in a timely manner.
  • Use technology. Streamline processes by investing in software that tracks equipment and handles building material management.
  • Acknowledge hard work. Regularly acknowledging and rewarding good work from your employees will build company loyalty and motivate them to perform better.

Learn More About LP® SmartSide® Siding

For more information on using innovative LP SmartSide products for your next project, find an LP SmartSide dealer near you.

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