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Vinyl vs. Engineered Wood Siding: The Big Differences

An Ohio-based plastics manufacturer was the first company to produce vinyl home siding in the 1950s. Early versions of the material suffered from color variation, fading, cracking and buckling. With continued development, manufacturers were able to develop vinyl formulations that lessened many of these problems, and the popularity of vinyl siding quickly grew due to its low maintenance requirements and affordability.

New technologies led to the development of engineered wood in the latter part of the twentieth century. Like vinyl, engineered wood resists rot, termites and fungal decay. Consider these differences that have allowed LP® SmartSide® trim and siding to become a top choice for remodelers and homeowners alike.

Composition. LP SmartSide engineered wood is made of treated wood strands and fibers combined with a resin binder for strength. This composition makes engineered wood thicker and stronger than vinyl.

Rich cedar grain texture. With its deep cedar grain and defining shadow lines, LP SmartSide siding gives you the undeniable look of real wood, unlike vinyl siding. The nominal thickness of vinyl does not allow for the deep shadow lines and texture that are necessary for a realistic wood look.

Impact resistance. Because of its unique engineering, LP SmartSide siding offers incredible strength to resist impact damage. This strength was proven in an independent NASA evaluation that found SmartSide siding more impact-resistant than fiber cement when struck with high-speed projectiles which included a baseball, golf ball, river rock and marbles. By contrast, vinyl siding is prone to damage from hail and other flying objects.

Heat resistance. Thanks to industrial-grade resins and binders and a durable coating, LP SmartSide siding remains strong even after prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and hot weather. Vinyl siding has been known to melt when subjected to intense sunlight bouncing off nearby windows.

The Upside of Value for Home Siding

LP invites you to find out more about the advantages of SmartSide engineered wood trim and siding for your home. Discover why our products are an excellent choice for exterior remodeling, and see what you can achieve with different SmartSide siding options using the LP SmartSide Visualizer. When you’re ready, connect with preferred siding contractors near you to get started!

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