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Creating a High Performance Roof Deck

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Creating a High Performance Roof Deck

We know that builders value product efficiency and reliability, especially in these times of a skilled labor shortage. As builders seek out products that allow them to builder smarter and faster, some industry trailblazers are making the switch from using FRT plywood to LP® FlameBlock® fire-rated sheathingin the roof deck.

In this application, LP FlameBlock sheathing is the smarter alternative to FRT in the roof deck because it withstands weather during normal construction delays. It also offers superior structural benefits and maintains the design values of OSB, whereas FRT plywood must take 1/8 inch deadload for load span.


Making the swap from FRT plywood to LP FlameBlock sheathing in the roof deck is simple. There is no need for added equipment and no additional labor requirements. Plus, with its ability to resist moisture, LP FlameBlock keeps your crew moving even in rain delays.

Interested in making the switch from FRT plywood to LP FlameBlock sheathing in your next roof deck? Find out where to buy in your region:

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