LP® SmartSide®—Engineered Wood For Extreme Cold Climates

Though winters are known for causing headaches due to ice and snowfall, it is the extreme temperature swings that present the biggest threat to a home’s siding—an important consideration as you consider cold weather exterior siding options.

Siding Problems in Cold, Icy Climates

One of the biggest siding problems for cold climates is something known as the freeze/thaw cycle. In winter months, the cycle causes moisture to be trapped in the siding material, causing ice on siding and causing the siding to expand as it freezes. Choosing a siding for cold climates like LP SmartSide offers protection against the effects of freeze/thaw cycle.
vinyl siding
Vinyl siding can become brittle in extreme cold, causing cracking and damage.
traditional wood siding
Traditional wood is porous which means it can trap moisture during the freeze/thaw cycle, causing it to expand.
LP SmartSide siding
LP SmartSide is a great cold weather exterior siding option, engineered to hold up against the freeze/thaw cycle to keep your home protected.

Engineered to Last in Cold Climates

LP SmartSide is engineered to stand up to the effects of the freeze/thaw cycle and keep your home protected in cold climates:

  • Remains dimensionally stable throughout drastic temperature fluctuations
  • Can be installed in low temperatures without worry of cracking or extreme expansion
  • Backed by an industry-leading 50-year limited warranty
house in snow

Protection Against Freeze & Thaw Cycles

LP SmartSide is a great choice for homeowners in cold weather regions, thanks to its proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process. This process ensures that every strand of wood is treated with a carefully formulated mix of resins, waxes, and zinc borate and finished with an overlay to offer complete protection against extreme heat, moisture, as well as termites, and fungal decay.

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For long lasting, durable engineered wood siding, check out LP SmartSide.