Finishing Touches: Complement Siding With Matching LP® SmartSide® Soffit Panels

What’s the perfect finishing touch for a home sided with LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding? LP SmartSide Soffit, of course! Our soffit panels are an innovative alternative to soffits made from vinyl, MOD, plywood or hand-installed metal.

Same Durability, Same Beautiful Finish

LP SmartSide soffit panels are made from the same quality engineered wood materials as our siding and trim products. Because they have been treated to the core with the SmartGuard® zinc borate-based process and bonded with a water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay, LP SmartSide soffit panels provide the same long-term durability and strength against harsh weather. In addition, they are available in both smooth and cedar texture to coordinate with LP SmartSide exterior siding and house trim boards.

Increase Comfort Year-Round

Where continuous ventilation is needed, LP SmartSide Vented Soffit is an ideal choice for residential and commercial soffit panels. Proper attic ventilation reduces attic heat and moisture for a cooler roof in summer. In winter, vented soffits aid in moisture reduction, helping to prevent mold and mildew growth and degradation of the roof system. Ultimately, well-designed attic ventilation keeps utility bills lower and increases indoor comfort year-round.

More Effective Ventilation Than HardieSoffit® Panels

Vented soffits from LP SmartSide include precisely cut, bug-resistant vents that meet most building code requirements while adding architectural beauty. LP SmartSide Soffit offers 10 square inches of ventilation per linear foot. When compared to the five square inches offered by James Hardie® HardieSoffit® panels, LP SmartSide Soffit is the better choice for increased ventilation and easier code compliance.

Pre-Cut for Better Workability

LP SmartSide Soffit is easy to work with using standard woodworking tools. Plus, it comes cut-to-width for precise installation that eliminates the time spent ripping full sheets.

Learn More About LP® SmartSide® Soffit

From siding to soffit to fascia and trim in both cedar texture and smooth finishes, LP has a full line of siding options to create a true custom look for every home. When you use LP SmartSide Soffit on your projects, people will notice your attention to detail. To learn more about using LP products in your business, schedule a product knowledge meeting with an LP representative by calling (888) 820-0325.

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