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Four Online Visualizer Tools Every R&R Pro Should Know

Kicking off an exterior home remodeling project can be both exciting and very overwhelming for your client. When flipping through design magazines and product websites, homeowners are faced with a myriad of choices—paint color, window sizes, awnings, roof options. The list goes on.

Luckily, many manufacturers have developed online visualizer tools that can take much of the guesswork out of design choices. We’ve rounded up some of the most helpful online tools that can bring visual life to your client’s exterior remodeling project before it even starts. Keep these apps and websites bookmarked the next time you’re working with a client who needs some visual reassurance during the remodel process.

LP SmartSide Visualizer – Paint swatches are helpful, but they don’t let your clients see the full impact of colors displayed on an entire house. The LP® SmartSide® Visualizer lets homeowners choose from different LP SmartSide trim and siding colors and experiment with color combinations. They can also choose from different siding styles such as lap, cedar shakes or panels.

HOVER – LP Building Products recently announced a partnership with HOVER®, the platform that transforms smartphone photos of a home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model. As a re-side contractor, you can walk your clients through 3D options of their home featuring LP SmartSide products. The app also allows you to easily measure and estimate the project, speeding up the process for everyone involved. 

Renewal by Anderson Window & Door Visualizer – New windows can drastically improve the curb appeal of a home, but your clients may have difficulty visualizing what they’ll look like once fully installed. Renewal by Anderson® Door & Window Visualizer lets customers choose from many different window sizes and styles, and it even lets them see how they’d look from both the inside and outside of the home.

Better Homes & Garden’s Plan-a-Garden – With all of the exterior upgrades to a house, clients will likely be itching to add some surrounding landscaping. Plan-a-Garden lets them experiment with different gardening themes and layouts. Choose from over 150 trees, shrubs and flowers to create a small window treatment or a complete redesign of a yard.

Offer these visualizers to your clients and let them see a completed dream home remodeled from start to finish. Once they’ve found the perfect LP SmartSide siding and trim colors, be sure to check out our Where to Buy page to find an LP SmartSide supplier near you!

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Helping Small Builders Compete Against the Giants

Big builder market share has doubled in the last 25 years and now represents about 50 percent of housing starts nationwide – and even 75 percent in some major metro areas. These mega-builders have huge budgets for both land development and marketing. It’s increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized builders to compete, but LP is committed to helping them prosper.

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Leading the Way in Supply Chain Innovation

To better serve its customers in areas of order accuracy and delivery predictability, LP has set some of the industry’s most aspirational supply chain goals. Senior leaders meet regularly with experts at Gartner, arguably the nation’s best consulting firm in the realm of supply chain optimization. The aim is to apply best practices in procurement, logistics and working capital across more than $1 billion of addressable spend.

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The Importance Of Vapor Permeability In Building Envelopes

For weather-resistant barriers (WRBs), ASTM has developed rigorous tests for water resistance and water penetration, plus an air barrier assembly test. But an equally important test is ASTM E96, which measures water vapor permeability over a 24-hour period.

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How “Attainable” Are New Homes?

When people talk about home “affordability” it boils down to one number: the asking price. But home “attainability” is a more complex equation. Attainability refers to a prospective buyer’s ability to find an entry-level home (no easy task these days), obtain a loan and pay for 30 years of ancillary costs like utilities, maintenance and insurance.