He Shed, She Shed, Episode 2: "Hobby Hideaways"

LP is pleased to support the FYI Television Network’s exciting new DIY design series. He Shed She Shed follows two shed owners who, with the help of hosts Luke Barr and Sarah Ferrell, engage in the ultimate male vs. female backyard shed showdown! On the April 9th episode, two homeowners find the perfect backyard escape with outdoor sheds customized for their interests.  
Ana’s Movie Theater
In California, Ana wants a private place to relax and watch movies where she won’t be interrupted by her drum-loving husband. Because Ana’s shed building is tall and skinny, Sarah proposes creating a viewing loft with a huge window so Ana can have a clear sightline to her backyard movie screen. Guests have stadium seating in front of the theater for comfortable viewing. To allow Ana to screen films inside, a TV is mounted high on the opposite shed wall and custom swivel chairs are installed. And because no movie is complete without snacks, on the lower level, Sarah adds the ultimate snack bar where Ana can enjoy coffee and her favorite concession treats.
Joey’s Music Studio
In Texas, singer-songwriter Joey needs a music studio he-shed where he can play guitar and jam with his band 24/7 without disturbing his work-from-home wife, Christine. Luke’s challenge is to create an amazing space where Joey can write and record music from a run-down shed that needs some major TLC. First on the to-do list is adding electricity and running water, and replacing the shed’s missing walls. Next comes a kitchen and bathroom area, and soundproofing so that Joey can truly rock out without disturbing the neighborhood. Glass French doors open up to an outdoor patio that doubles as a place for relaxing or stage-diving. The rock-n-roll he-shed is topped off with unique music-themed furniture and custom lighting.
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Sustainability Solutions

8 min

Why Build With Carbon Negative Building Materials?

In our pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly products, we completed five LCAs and EPDs for our LP® Structural Solutions portfolio. Along with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, these EPDs demonstrate the carbon negativity of our products. That means that our products store more carbon than is released during their entire life cycle, making us a meaningful part of the climate solution.

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Sustainability Solutions

6 min
Carbon Negative, Future Positive: LP® Structural Solutions Portfolio Releases Environmental Product Declarations

In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, we are proud to announce a remarkable achievement: the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio has been officially designated as carbon negative. This milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefining construction materials for the better with a focus on sustainability, resiliency and groundbreaking advancements.

Industry Trends7 min
Tighter Lot Sizes Focus More Attention on Fire Separation Distance

It’s no secret that many developers, architects and builders are reducing lot size as one way to hold down housing costs and maintain profitability. In fact, the rise of zero-lot-line homes, odd-lot/infill development and compressed parcel spacing is helping shape a new housing normal for many communities. This downsizing is focusing attention on minimum fire separation distance.

Resiliency Solutions

5 min
Is OSB Waterproof?

The short answer is no, but the real question is: how does rain and water affect oriented strand board (OSB)? Let’s dig into the details of OSB’s construction.