LP Building Solutions Year In Review

With only a few days left before the New Year, 2015 is officially coming to a close. After such an exciting year at LP, we wanted to take the time to highlight some of the key moments we had in 2015, from new product launches to industry awards.  

  • Launch of LP LongLength XL – In January, we debuted LP LongLength XL OSB Sheathing for Wind Zones, enhancing our line of value-added OSB products. The product made it’s debut at the 2015 International Builders Show and was touted as one of the “hot new products” by trade publications like LBM Journal.
  • LP Gets a Website Redesign - In March, our website got an exciting redesign and the Engineered Wood blog got a new home. Additional updates to LP’s site included sustainability news and an enhanced literature finder tool as well as a responsive design, allowing building professionals to seamlessly view content across devices.
  • LP Techshield Featured in LEED Home of the Year – This year, The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) selected its outstanding single-family LEED home of the year. The structure, a four bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, 3,400 square foot house in Kailua, Hawaii, featured LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing.
  • Live Burn Event Showcases LP FlameBlock in Action – In October, LP hosted an exciting event in the Bay Area to showcase the structural performance and burn-through fire resistance of LP FlameBlock Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing. At the event, building industry professionals gathered in Pleasanton, CA to see a controlled, side-by-side live product demo comparing a structure composed of regular OSB sheathing versus a structure made of LP FlameBlock.
  • LP Wins “Safest Company Award” – Later in the year, the APA-Engineered Wood Association presented LP Building Products with the 2014 Safest Company Award at the annual conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was the fifth time in the past seven years that the APA has named LP the safest company with four or more mills. 

We are ramping up for a new year and will be sharing more exciting LP happenings through the Engineered Wood blog and our social media channels.  Be sure to follow Engineered Wood and LP Building Products on Twitter and give our Facebook page a “like” for more updates throughout the year!


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