Making the Case for OSB Sub-Flooring

Believe it or not, plywood first hit the U.S. market when Abraham Lincoln was president – and it hasn’t evolved much since those days. However, OSB products are engineered and regularly enhanced. Here are a few reasons why builders are taking a fresh look at OSB for sub-flooring:

Price. There’s been a double-digit percentage increase in plywood prices in the last year. Some builders are turning to OSB as plywood prices rise.

Consistency. Plywood can blister and buckle, but OSB of the same thickness contains no knots or core voids and remains stable.

Moisture Resistance. OSB blends water-resistant waxes with the strands prior to pressing, which helps repel water on both the surfaces and edges of the panel. Plywood typically uses no wax at all and is not water repellent like OSB.

Tiered Performance. With plywood, there’s no good/better/best. But OSB offers a wide range of grades for any builder’s needs: a reliable LP® TopNotch® 250 Sub-Flooring, an enhanced LP® TopNotch® 350 Sub-Flooring and a premium LP® Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring

An Engineered System. Builders get greater strength and stability when engineered wood solutions are designed to work together (sub-flooring, floor beams, i-joists, rim board, etc.).

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How Remodelers Can Increase Business with HOAs

Home Owner Associations (HOAs) are the governing bodies of many communities throughout the U.S. – and remodelers can miss out on HOA business if they don’t take the time to study the associations’ design review process.

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Infographic: Smooth Siding for Modern and Traditional Styles

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Can You Install Siding Without A Contractor?

If you’re a skilled Do-It-Yourselfer, you can install siding on your own without assistance from a contractor. You would need to carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, plus review and understand the terms of the siding warranty.

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Trends in Exterior Colors and Materials

“The use of color is widely recognized as an important strategic advantage in successfully marketing new residential developments. Color creates a sense of arrival and a sense of place – often long before a community is fully built.”