Safety First, Safety Always

We continue to strive to be the best in the industry, but nothing is more important than keeping our people safe. At LP Building Products, safety is a core value. Our employees know their first job is to be a safe professional. We even start every meeting, every mill tour and every event with a message about how to incorporate these values into the day ahead.

We teach and remind our employees that practicing safety is a responsibility, and offer the training and experience they need to be safe professionals. A culture of safety doesn’t happen overnight, and we know it is a never-ending initiative, but we are proud to say our employees’ hard work is meeting impressive milestones.  

This summer, four of our OSB and siding mills displayed these values and were awarded for their number of recordable accident-free work hours:

  • Carthage, TX
  • Clarke County, AL
  • Panguipilli, Chile
  • Jasper, TX

Combined, the four mills have accumulated over 2.5 million injury-free work hours. The mills were awarded banners and received recognition for their notable achievements.

Since 2009, we’ve also received the APA Safest Company Award four times in our division.

To learn more about LP’s visions and values on safety, visit:

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