Set Off Your Home’s Exterior with Distinctive LP® SmartSide® Siding Profiles

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products offer the same warmth and beauty as wood, and can be crafted in the same profiles as traditional wood siding. The LP product line is so broad that you can use it for your lap, panel, trim, fascia and soffit needs. Our impressive array of sizes and finishes satisfies a full variety of design requirements, ensuring there is an LP SmartSide product for most every home.

Create your own unique exterior design using one or more of the following profiles.

  • Cedar Shakes. Get the rustic look of real cedar with our cedar textured shakes. The cedar shake siding profile is an eye-catching alternative to the uniformity of conventional siding, featuring staggered or straight edge options in one versatile piece. Use it as a decorative accent or in combination with another siding profile.
  • Colonial Beaded. Classic American style meets modern ingenuity in colonial beaded lap siding in smooth or cedar finishes. The drip lines cast crisp shadows for maximum curb appeal.
  • Cedar Lap. One of the most durable lap siding options on the market today, LP cedar textured lap is available in three standard widths like traditional wood siding. It is manufactured free of knots and other common defects, resulting in less waste and culling.
  • Smooth Lap. Beautiful smooth lap is a classic look that accentuates the architectural features of any home. The smooth texture creates a clean finish and comes pre-primed for exceptional paint adhesion.
  • Reverse Board & Batten. Rustic charm is made easy with this vertical siding option with the weathered grain appearance of cedar. Panels are cross-sawn to enhance the authentic rustic look.
  • Stucco Panel. The detailed hand-troweled effect used in Stucco Panel gives the appearance of genuine stucco without the hassles. Panels are deeply textured with variations from board to board.

All LP SmartSide products are available in 16-foot lengths for fewer seams and faster installation, and come pre-primed from the factory after being treated with the proprietary SmartGuard® process to help prevent fungal decay and termite damage. Traditional lumber simply can’t match the proven durability of LP SmartSide Trim & Siding. For more information, contact an LP remodeler near you.

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