Shed Builder Spotlight: Sheds Unlimited

Chris Stoltzfus got his start in the shed business early. Sheds Unlimited was established by his father in 1988 as a way to keep Chris and his five brothers busy on the family farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and as another means of income beyond their dairy farming business.

One of the brothers’ first big woodworking projects was building a small pony cart that was used to grow the shed business. They would drive the pony cart a few miles to pick up materials to build doghouses. They then crafted the doghouses from the materials and delivered them on the cart to a local business to be sold.

What began with a pony cart and a few doghouses has now grown into the nearly 40-person team of Sheds Unlimited. The company takes its Amish tradition of hard work and produces high-quality, customized sheds and garages for customers throughout the Northeast.

Building Beautiful, Unique Spaces

The Stoltzfus brothers love the challenge of creating beautiful, unique spaces for their customers. “We do much more than build standard sheds at Sheds Unlimited,” says former owner and Sheds Unlimited marketing partner Chris Stoltzfus. “We have built a treehouse shed, art studios, home offices, pool houses, concession stands, sports buildings and much more. Creating spaces, not just sheds, inspires me and the whole team.

LP® products are a top choice for construction at Sheds Unlimited because they combine long-term durability with the beautiful aesthetic that many customers are looking for. “LP products are of premium quality and offer the quality exterior that people seeking a high-end look want,” explains Stoltzfus. “They are also tested for durability and have a great warranty. Lastly, with LP shed products, our team is confident in knowing that we won’t have to go back for repairs, as the products are built to last!”

Expanding to Larger Structures

Sheds Unlimited doesn’t limit the use of LP Outdoor Building Solutions® materials to the construction of sheds. They have recently started using LP building materials on larger two- and three-car garages. “The siding provides the aesthetic to complement home exteriors, and the material’s durability lends well to these types of heavy-use structures,” says Stoltzfus.

Buy a Storage Shed

Sheds Unlimited delivers sheds within a 300-mile radius of its manufacturing facility in Morgantown, PA. To purchase a shed from Sheds Unlimited, call (717) 442-3281 or buy online. If you live outside the Sheds Unlimited service area, find shed dealers near you that build with LP products.

Images courtesy of Sheds Unlimited

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