Why You Can Believe in LP® SmartSide®, Part 7: The Track Record

Since LP pioneered its first engineered wood product more than 40 years ago, this company has consistently delivered innovative products to fit the changing needs of the building industry. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding are among these innovations. Let’s take a look at the track record of LP SmartSide products that have helped them become one of the nation’s top home siding options.

Nine Billion Feet and Counting

Since production began, LP has manufactured over nine billion square feet of SmartSide products. Time-tested LP SmartSide products have been installed on four million homes since 1997. This makes LP SmartSide one of the fastest-growing brands of siding materials in the U.S. It’s easy to see why LP is a building industry leader shaping the way homes, outdoor building structures and light commercial structures are being built.

Nearly Two Decades of Proven Performance

After almost two decades, LP SmartSide products continue to perform beautifully. Because the wood fibers and wood strands that make up our engineered wood have been treated with zinc borate to help protect against termites, then combined with waxes and exterior-grade resins to add strength, they are able to stand up to any climate. A final water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay bonds with the surface and creates a tough, moisture-resistant barrier.

The durability of LP SmartSide treated engineered wood products has been tested in the tropical climate of Hilo, Hawaii, where nearly 170 inches of rain falls annually and termite colonies thrive. Samples of the material were left in this brutal environment at a reputable third-party testing site for more than 15 years. Even after all those years of exposure, LP SmartSide products remained structurally sound.

Backed by a 50-Year Limited Warranty

With this proven track record, LP proudly backs LP SmartSide trim and siding products with a 50-year limited warranty. This warranty coverage long outlasts fiber cement’s 10- to 30-year warranties, and makes the competitive price of LP SmartSide products an even better investment. See for complete warranty details.

Learn More About LP® SmartSide® Home Siding Options

For more information on using LP SmartSide products for your next project, find an LP SmartSide siding retailer or remodeler near you to request an estimate.

Learn about other unique advantages of LP SmartSide products, including the beautiful finish, the durability, the warranty coverage, impact and termite resistance, easy installation and sustainability.

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