Enduring Beauty

Natural-wood appearance and durability make LP® CanExel® prefinished siding the perfect choice to bring out the true character of your home.

Beauty That Protects Season After Season

Peace of mind has never looked so good—or authentic. With its 25-year limited warranty and natural-wood appearance, LP® CanExel® prefinished siding is designed to stand up to the toughest weather elements. It creates beautiful curb appeal that thousands of Canadians have chosen for their homes.

home with grey siding

Ridgewood D-5: Timberwolf

What Colour Is Best For Your Home?

We all have favorite colours. That's why our LP® CanExel® prefinished siding comes in wide variety of options that can match your taste — and the style of your home.

Need More Reasons to Consider
Canada's #1-Selling Siding?

  • Resistant to UV rays, wind and moisture
  • Built to last
  • Realistic wood textures
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Engineered to perform in Canada

Beauty That’s Unique

There are many considerations when selecting the perfect siding for your home. From the quality of the finish, to the wood grain pattern and lasting durability, LP® CanExel® siding delivers a remarkable combination of beauty and solid construction to elevate your home’s curb appeal for years to come.

Porch house with blue siding

Beautiful Finish

LP CanExel prefinished siding is made with Axalta-Coating System®, available in many outstanding colours. LP applies multiple layers of industrial strength coatings and then heat—cures it to the lap siding, followed up with a protective sealer. The end result is long-lasting curbside appeal.

Lasting Durability

Our siding is tested in various types of extreme outdoor climates to ensure it lives up to the LP CanExel name. It also undergoes UV testing in the frigid cold, intense heat and beyond. We apply what we learn from our exhaustive research to continually improve durability and performance.

Authentic Wood Grain

LP CanExel siding has a wide variety of patterns and designs that create our stunning, exclusive style. Combine that with our unmistakably deep wood-grain look, and you get authentic beauty for which there is no substitute.

Want To Discover More Colour Options with LP® CanExel®?

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