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“30 by 30” Climate Change Challenge from the Forest Products Industry

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“30 by 30” Climate Change Challenge from the Forest Products Industry

This week, the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) launched the “30 by 30” Climate Change Challenge, an initiative to help Canada move to a lower carbon economy. With the “30 by 30” challenge, FPAC has set a goal to remove 30 megatons (MT) of CO2 per year by the year 2030. This would remove more that 13% of the Canadian government’s emissions targets.

In a recent press release, FPAC CEO Derek Nighbor shared more about the reasoning behind the “30 by 30” challenge. “Our industry is uniquely positioned to be a crucial part of the solution to climate change because our renewable forests and forest products all store carbon,” says Nighbor. “We want to step up to the plate and do our part to help Canada reach its ambitious targets.”

Canadian forests represent 9% of the world’s forests and they play an essential role in CO2 absorption. The forests help to regulate the world’s climate, ultimately benefitting the entire planet. 

LP Building Products is proud to be a FPAC member company and our CEO, Curt Stevens currently serves as the Chairman of FPAC Board.

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