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5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense — and 5 That Don’t

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5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense — and 5 That Don’t

Whether you are remodeling a house for the present or looking for ways to make the home more appealing to future buyers, always consider resale ROI of the remodel. Here are the top 5 and not-so-top 5 from Houzz. 

Five Remodels with GOOD Resale

  • Kitchen: Seek a balance between design aesthetics and return on investment.
  • Adding living space: Make sure the additional square footage increases the home’s value over the cost of the investment.
  • Curb appeal: From lawn care and landscaping to repainting and remodels, always put your best foot forward with potential homebuyers.
  • Master suites: Updating this room will directly connect with potential homebuyers more than other bedroom upgrades will.
  • Bathrooms: Prioritize master bath and powder room; secondary bathrooms and guest baths should be lower priority. 

Five Remodels with POOR Resale Value

  • Kids’ spaces: Don’t assume a buyer’s kids have the same interests as yours…or that the buyer has kids.
  • Pools: While enjoyable, it is unlikely to pay for itself.
  • Wine rooms: This represents a niche market and potential buyers may have different taste.
  • Removing features: Don’t need that fireplace in the basement? Don’t assume the next owner appreciates the money you invested to remove it.
  • Minor additions: Bumping out a wall to increase the square footage nominally can make the room more comfortable, but the overall expense won’t increase the home’s value too much. 

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