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Architect Michael Green Explains the Benefits of Building With Wood

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Architect Michael Green Explains the Benefits of Building With Wood

Well-respected architect Michael Green, founder of Michael Green Architecture located in Vancouver, BC and New York, is internationally recognized for his commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings for 21st century residential and commercial needs. He recently participated in a video for Wood: The Most Natural Resource website, where he speaks to the benefits of using wood in modern day architecture.

“I’ve become passionate about this idea that wood is an incredible material and it’s going through a really interesting phase of being reinvented in modern architecture,” said Green. “For a long time, for the last century, we’d seen concrete and steel really take over as the modern materials, the man-made materials. I think now we’re realizing that natural materials are perhaps far more sophisticated.”

There are countless reasons to build with natural materials like wood says Green. For one, the manufacturing of steel, concrete and brick accounts for about 16 percent of global fossil fuel consumption. Forests and trees provide lower energy materials to work with, while also soaking up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as they grow.  As long as the trees come from sustainable forest practices, he says, they serve an integral role in helping to reverse climate change.

Wood: The Most Natural Resource website is supported by Washington Forest Protection Association, Washington Contract Loggers Association, Family Forest Foundation and the Washington Farm Forest Association. Its primary focus is promoting wood from Washington’s working forests as the most responsible building material on earth. Natural, renewable and climate friendly, wood is a vital part of the green economy of this day and age. From home building to innovative uses in today’s architecture, to the thousands of products consumers use every day, wood is a sustainable, green material that is truly the world’s most natural resource.

Watch the video here.


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