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LP Elements® Performance Fencing is an engineered wood fencing solution that’s designed to stand stronger and last longer than typical softwood alternatives. This premium fencing is durable enough to handle whatever life might throw at it and it won’t twist, crack or warp.


When it comes to beautiful fencing that stands tall through it all, it’s all about the substrate. That’s why every LP Elements® picket is manufactured with our proprietary engineered wood substrate to work hard and look great doing it while requiring less maintenance. For a deeper dive into product specifics, view our brochure or scroll down.

Proprietary Zinc Borate-Based Process

Protects against termites and fungal decay for decades.

Industrial-Grade Adhesive Resins

Protects against impact by creating strength at its core.

Water-Resistant Wax Coating

Protects every strand and fiber from rain and humidity.

Treated Wood Strands

Protects against all weather conditions by enhancing the natural durability of wood.



Durable Substrate

All LP Elements fencing engineered wood pickets are protected to the core by our proprietary zinc borate– based process for enhanced performance.

Engineered For Consistency

Each LP Elements picket is engineered to be as beautiful and durable as the first, saving installers time and money with fewer callbacks.

Performance Testing

LP Elements fencing is put through extreme weather testing to ensure every fence stands strong through even the harshest of conditions.

10-Year Limited Warranty

All LP Elements products are eligible for LP’s industry-leading 10-year limited warranty. To register products for the limited warranty, click here.


LP Elements® Performance Fencing is tested all across the United States to stand strong and last long wherever you install it.
Portland, OR
Testing Sites
Portland, OR
Phoenix, AZ
Hilo, HI
Kansas City, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Nashville, TN
Charlotte, NC
Long Key, FL
Homestead, FL
York, PA
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Extreme Weather Tests

High-Velocity Hurricane Wind Zone

Tested against winds exceeding 200 MPH, Exposure D; the only wood fence to meet Miami-Dade and Broward County wind-load requirements

Damaging Hail and High Impacts

Outperforms cedar and vinyl when tested against 1.75” hail, rocks, and baseballs; 92 Series withstands impacts up to 84 mph, 76 Series withstands impacts up to 50 mph.

Extreme UV
Punishing UV and Heat

Tested to show performance vs. concentrated UV in Arizona; maintains integrity vs. splintering, cracking and warping; no paint peeling under extreme sun.

Extreme Rain & Humidity
Extreme Rain & Humidity

Tested in a rainforest to demonstrate dimensional stability.

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The Atlas Collection

Inspired by our extreme weather testing sites, the LP Atlas Collection features four pre-finished colors—Mojave Ridge, Carolina Cedar, Portland Storm and Key Largo Surf—all of which include a natural woodgrain aesthetic. Like every LP Elements fencing solution, this collection is meant to save time and money for homeowners by eliminating the need to stain the fencing year after year.

Colors Available
Mojave Ridge
Mojave Ridge
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams • Antiquarian Brown SW 0045
Behr • Leather Work S240-7
Carolina Cedar
Carolina Cedar
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams • Copper Mountain SW 6356
Behr • Toasted Bagel S230-7
Portland Storm
Portland Storm
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams • Studio Clay SW 9172
Behr • Bicycle Trails PX0930
Key Largo Surf
Key Largo Surf
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams • High Reflective White SW 7757
Behr • Symphony White PX0741

*Pickets are also available in a primed option. Primed pickets must be painted within 90 days of installation to be eligible for the limited warranty.

*Use Sherwin-Williams or Behr code to color match with other paint manufacturers. Color variations shown in printed / electronic formats might deviate from the actual colors used.

Mojave Ridge

How to Install LP Elements® Fencing

Get tips for installing LP Elements pickets and find out more about this engineered wood fencing solution.

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