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Shed Builder Spotlight: Stoltzfus Structures

by AJ Keating, November 15, 2018

Shed Builder Spotlight: Stoltzfus Structures

When you’re looking for quality outdoor buildings, you don’t have to look any further than Stoltzfus Structures. Based in the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Stoltzfus Structures is a family-owned and -operated business originally purchased by Gideon Zook in 1975. His sons, Dave, Jonathan, Matthew and Mark Zook, have grown up in the business and now participate in company ownership and management.

Hard Work Yields High Quality

This shed manufacturer has grown steadily due to an increasing demand for storage sheds and now has a staff of around 75 employees that serves customers throughout the Northeast. In addition, Stoltzfus Structures has expanded to offer a wide product line that also includes garages, pool houses, cabins, office/hobby sheds, gazebos, pergolas and more.

“What keeps my passion for the business alive is seeing happy customers and seeing hard work and Godly values shine through in our employees,” explains General Manager Jonathan Zook. “What also drives me is seeing satisfied customers coming back for more and/or referring others because they love our work.”

A Beautiful Aesthetic That Endures

LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products are perfectly suited to the construction of the quality outdoor buildings Stoltzfus Structures is known for. Zook says the longevity of LP products – backed by a 50-year warranty – is the top reason they choose to build with them. “Through our company’s trade-in program, decay is the number one thing we see on old sheds, and LP sheds stand up against the test of time.” He also notes the durability of LP products has contributed to fewer callbacks for the Stoltzfus team. “We’ve been selling LP sheds for four years and have definitely seen a reduction in call-backs. The doors are the biggest thing we have seen improvement on. While traditional wood products tend to curl over time, LP doors remain straight.”

However, the beautiful appearance of LP engineered wood isn’t something to be forgotten. “While sheds were formerly seen solely as a place for storage, they are more and more becoming a focal point of a backyard,” says Zook. “With this, the demand for a beautiful exterior for sheds is increasing, as well as sheds that are made with materials that have the versatility to match a home’s aesthetic. The LP products allow customers to achieve a high-end look with an attainable price point.”

Closing the Sale

Talking to customers about LP products almost always results in a profitable outcome for Stoltzfus Structures. “I love being able to quickly turn customers who previously purchased sheds made with traditional wood onto the benefits of engineered wood,” says Zook. “Many of our customers have seen the rot that traditional wood can accumulate over time (especially towards the bottom/flooring), so once LP’s rot resistance is proven, there are no further questions asked.”

Where to Buy an Outdoor Shed

To connect with Stoltzfus Structures, call (610) 595-4724, submit an online request or see their sheds in person at their facility in Atglen, Pennsylvania. If you live outside of the Northeast, find shed dealers near you that build with LP products.

Images courtesy of Stoltzfus Structures




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