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5 Quick Ways to Organize Your Backyard Shed

by Parry Grimm, May 10, 2018

5 Quick Ways to Organize Your Backyard Shed

The outdoor shed is seldom given as much attention as the indoor closet or the garage, so why not get more out of this space with better organization? Follow these tips to corral those tools and make the most of your backyard shed.

  • A pegboard wall. With an easy-to-install pegboard, you can transform one wall into a vertical shelf that is an instant storage solution for tools. Pegs can be placed anywhere on the panel for maximum versatility. For longer service life, look for heavy-duty metal pegboard panels; the holes in the metal will not wear out over time like traditional pegboard might.
    pegboard wall with tools
  • A potting bench. Give indoor furniture new life in the shed. An old desk can be the perfect size for a handy potting bench, and the height is just right for planting containers. The space below the desk can be used to store bags or bins of potting soil. Learn more about choosing the right potting soil for your plants.
  • A trellis organizer. Bring the garden inside by using a wood trellis to organize gardening tools. Hang the tools from the trellis using heavy-duty S-hooks. Keeping the trellis at eye level puts items within easy reach and makes them easy to hang. For tools that can’t be hung from a hook, try using paper clamps.
  • Crate cabinets. Old wooden crates sourced from flea markets or auctions can be an economical shelving solution in a garden shed because they can be configured vertically or horizontally to suit your needs. Once you’ve found a configuration you like, join the crates together with wood screws.
  • Hose storage. A garden hose lying on the shed floor takes up valuable space and is also a safety hazard. Turn a galvanized metal bucket into a hose caddy by bolting it to the wall, or simply hang a large hook to hold your hose.

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