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Handy Tips to Winterize the Outdoor Storage Shed

by Trisha Diewald, September 22, 2016

Handy Tips to Winterize the Outdoor Storage Shed

Fall is in the air in most parts of the country, and now is the time to winterize the outdoor storage shed. You should treat sheds and storage buildings as you do your home: by doing an inspection and preparing them for the cold months ahead. Winterizing can help your shed withstand the elements and extend its life. In addition, lawn equipment, tools, clothes, toys and other household items last longer when stored in a dry, draft-free environment.

Shed Winterizing Checklist

If your shed or storage building will not be used during the winter, get it ready by following these tips.
  1. Clear it out, clean it up. Sheds can get very dirty during the summer and fall, when lawn care is a priority. Begin by emptying the shed so you can easily clean out dirt, debris and cobwebs that accumulated during the warmer months.
  2. Inspect the interior and exterior. After you empty and clean the shed, inspect the walls, floors and ceiling for leaks or damaged areas. Fill cracks and holes with caulk, and have a professional roofer address any leaks in the shed roof. Clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent leaks caused by melting snow and ice.
  3. Maintain tools and equipment. Clean gardening tools before placing them back in storage so they will be ready for spring. Empty gas and oil from leaf blowers, lawn mowers and trimmers. Drain water from garden hoses. Keep shed pests at bay by storing seeds, mulch and other supplies in closed, nonporous containers with tight-fitting lids.
  4. Weatherstrip around doors. Weatherstrip doors and overhead doors, or replace cracked weatherstripping if necessary. Caulk around the frames of doors to keep out drafts and moisture. Lubricate door hinges so they function optimally even during winter.
  5. Trim back trees. Trim overhanging branches from surrounding trees. Low branches can damage an outdoor storage shed if they get weighed down with ice and snow.

Get an Outdoor Storage Shed Built with LP® Products

It takes time and effort to winterize a shed, but it will pay off come spring when your shed and its contents are safe and undamaged. LP offers an innovative collection of engineered wood building products designed specifically for use in sheds and other outdoor structures. Find a shed dealer near you for more information about the benefits of products from LP.

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