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Shed It Your Way

LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® is more than a unique collection of engineered wood building products designed specifically for use in sheds and other outdoor structures. Get to know our company and where it’s going, the people behind our vision and the support we strive to build in the communities where we live and work.

Selling Sheds as More Than a Simple Storage Unit

When it comes to staying competitive in the market and appealing to the modern shed buyer, it’s important to think beyond selling sheds as simple storage units. With more and more homeowners requesting sheds for creative uses, understanding how to close the sale on aspirational builds is increasingly significant.

LP’s AJ Keating spoke with Dwayne Witf and Andrew Gutchess of Pro-Shed Buildings to learn their perspective. Between highlighting the durability and warranty of its materials (relying exclusively on LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products) and offering added value through design elements, read how they recommend selling aspirational sheds to stay competitive in Shed Builder Magazine.

Signature Series:
Liz Marie Galvan Backyard Shed Build

Lapp Structures

Since its start in 1987, Lapp Structures has transitioned from producing standard sheds to making aspirational builds a core element of its business. Coining the term DreamSpaces, Lapp Structures helps customers create unique shed builds where they can explore their hobbies without sacrificing the comfort of home.

Due to its unmatched consistency, proprietary technology and extreme durability, read why Lapp Structures names LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® a key component to its success.

Stoltzfus Structures

Based in the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster County, PA, Stoltzfus Structures is a family-owned and operated business originally purchased by Gideon Zook in 1975. General Manager Jonathan Zook talks through how he’s maintained business growth through hard work that yields beautiful, high quality structures and gives us a look at some of the tactics that he uses to close sales.

Learn more on how LP Outdoor Building Solutions products are perfectly suited to the construction of the quality outdoor buildings Stoltzfus Structures is known for.

Sheds Unlimited

What began with a pony cart and a few doghouses has now grown into the nearly 40-person team of Sheds Unlimited. Chris Stoltzfus takes pride in building a company with Amish tradition of hard work and producing high-quality, customized sheds and garages for customers throughout the Northeast.

Read how Stoltzfus discusses how he’s built a successful business through using quality materials, building beautiful and unique spaces, and expanding to larger structures.