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LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® is more than a unique collection of engineered wood building products designed specifically for use in sheds and other outdoor structures. Get to know our company and where it’s going, the people behind our vision and the support we strive to build in the communities where we live and work.

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LP Outdoor Building Solutions & Summit Portable Buildings Give “Shed” All-New Meaning

Over the years, we’ve witnessed the growing trend of turning sheds into unique functions such as pool rooms, backyard bars, playhouses and more. But what about sheds with a purpose that will impact hundreds of community members? LP Outdoor Building Solutions recently teamed up with Summit Portable Buildings to do just that—transforming a shed into a community food bank in Southern Illinois. One of the biggest surprises? It all started with a commercial.

Shed Builder Magazine caught up with LP’s AJ Keating and Shannon Latham of Summit Portable Buildings to learn more. Read up in the latest issue here.

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Liz Marie Galvan Backyard Shed Build

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Heritage Building Co.

After decades of combined experience in the shed industry, three professionals decided it was time to do the industry their own way and founded Heritage Building Co. in June 2019. With consumers finding more value in sheds as they broaden use beyond a typical storage unit to in-law suites, studios, offices and more, read why Heritage Build Co. exclusively uses LP Outdoor Building Solutions products.

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Heartland Sheds

Over the past 40-plus years, Heartland Sheds has grown into North America's largest manufacturer of wooden storage and recreational buildings. The company accredits a large portion of its success to adapting to trends such as consumers’ housing and design preferences as well as the growing aspirational shed movement.

Read why Heartland Sheds says LP Outdoor Building Solutions checks all the boxes for them, including offering a siding option that is extremely durable, warp-resistant, and designed to resist insects and harsh weather conditions.

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Lapp Structures

Since its start in 1987, Lapp Structures has transitioned from producing standard sheds to making aspirational builds a core element of its business. Coining the term DreamSpaces, Lapp Structures helps customers create unique shed builds where they can explore their hobbies without sacrificing the comfort of home.

Due to its unmatched consistency, proprietary technology and extreme durability, read why Lapp Structures names LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® a key component to its success.