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Can Your Siding Stand Up to Freeze/Thaw Cycles, Year After Year?

by Amy Lindholm, November 10, 2016

Can Your Siding Stand Up to Freeze/Thaw Cycles, Year After Year?

When LP set out to engineer a new kind of siding that could out-perform other siding options, perhaps the most desired characteristic of the material was durability. Our team researched manufacturing processes and worked hard to develop treatments that would help wood stand up to extreme heat and cold, heavy rainfall, high humidity and strong coastal winds. It had to be resistant to moisture for the life of the material, plus resistant to wood-eating pests including termites. The result of our innovation and hard work is LP® SmartSide® engineered wood trim and siding.

How Freeze/Thaw Cycles Damage Siding

One of the common phenomena that affects siding is the freeze/thaw cycle. When water freezes, it expands and takes up nearly 10% more space. If that water happens to be inside a crack in the siding, the water will push outward and force the crack to become larger. When temperatures rise and the water thaws, more water will get down into the crack. After another freeze, the crack will be further pushed apart. This cycle happens again and again, year after year, and has been known to cause serious structural damage to some siding materials.

Both fiber cement and traditional wood siding can degrade and crack due to freeze/thaw cycles. Because vinyl siding becomes very brittle in cold weather, it can crack easily and allow water into the panel, leading to freeze/thaw damage.

No Freeze/Thaw Issues for LP® SmartSide® Products

Engineered wood from LP can avoid damage from freeze/thaw cycles. The substrate, made of wood strands combined with resins, waxes and zinc borate, resists cracking, warping and splitting. With winter coming on in many parts of the United States, homeowners who have LP SmartSide siding installed on their homes have the comfort of knowing that their siding can withstand severe winter weather.

In fact, LP SmartSide siding will stand strong against virtually any climate, making it the smart trim and siding choice for your structure. To learn more about this innovative product and see samples of profiles and siding colors, contact an LP SmartSide retailer or remodeler near you.

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