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Enjoy the natural warmth and beauty of traditional wood with a distinctive cedar pattern, now available in a range of popular color finishes through our LP Preferred Prefinishers. Prefinished LP® SmartSide® products are a beautiful, durable alternative to traditional vinyl or fiber cement siding.

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Define Your Home’s Style With Beautiful Prefinished Colors

  • Our Preferred Prefinishers participate in a rigorous quality control and audit program to maintain high standards
  • Many of the Preferred Prefinishers offer custom color matching
  • Prefinished coatings provide consistent quality and come with individual warranties
  • All LP SmartSide products are backed by an industry-leading, 5/50-year limited warranty on the substrate

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LP SmartSide Preferred Prefinishers

LP Preferred Prefinishers

Coastal Coatings Machine Application
Cedar Creek Summit Prefinished Siding
Edmund & Allen Lumber Company
Prefinished Staining Products, Inc.
Quality Wood Priming
Lyman Roofing & Siding
Diamond Kote Building Products
Northwest Factory Finishes
Cedar Siding Incorporated

The colors, both printed and samples, are representative only. Please contact your local supplier to request samples of actual color options, and verify availability of prefinished product, pricing and paint warranty details.

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