LP PurposeBuilt

The garage door industry's dedicated resource providing quality overlay products that help enhance manufacturers' business.

Superior Durability

LP PurposeBuilt Overlays are manufactured with our proprietary SmartGuard process to help resist fungal decay and termites for strength in even harsh environments. These engineered wood products have every strand fortified for total protection.

Premium Aesthetic

LP PurposeBuilt Overlays come with an authentic cedar grain texture providing a superior wood look that homeowners demand or a smooth product for a sleek, timeless look. Whatever aesthetic is being demanded, LP is here to assist garage door manufacturers in providing affordable, quality options.

Ease of Fabrication

LP PurposeBuilt Overlays offer superior workability so manufacturers can easily cut and secure to garage doors while not degrading its strength and beauty.

LP PurposeBuilt Overlays are the right choice for all manufacturers looking to accent their garage doors and deliver additional value to homeowners. The garage door industry finally has a dedicated resource working to provide a quality product that helps enhance your product and deliver value to your customers while improving your bottom line.

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