Protecting the Wetlands

You could say it’s part of our DNA at LP to think of wildlife and wetlands as part of our sustainability and environmental efforts… and you’d be right. We’re helping with wetland conservation in Canada.

LP is teaming up with FPInnovations Research Group, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) to implement a program that will evaluate existing forest road wetland crossing practices. We’ll also help design new techniques to help promote wetland conservation at a national scale.

This new project will build upon our recently completed wetlands and forest roads work started in 2011 that involved site-specific field trials in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We developed a variety of techniques for wetland crossings along forest roads that work to maintain the function of boreal wetlands while promoting sustainable harvesting in Canada’s western forests.

Our wetland projects serve to help LP’s forest managers understand how water flows through different types of wetland systems so that better, more cost-effective roads can be built to also protect the function of wetland systems in the region. Our first project was deemed a success.

“This is really exciting news and it speaks to how impressed SFI is with the work we have already accomplished through our initial Manitoba and Saskatchewan Forest Roads and Wetlands partnership project,” said LP District Biologist Donna Kopecky of the new project.

LP continues to work with communities in the United States and Canada to help preserve and conserve wildlife and forests. Every LP forester has a passion for the land they live on and work on every day.

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