Tested Extreme:

How deep does
our toughness go?

We’ve gone to great depths to test the unflinching strength of LP Legacy® sub-flooring. We’re so sure of our product's stiffness and moisture resistance, we’ve backed it with an exclusive Covered Until It’s Covered® no-sand warranty.*

*See www.lpcorp.com for complete warranty details.
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Third Expedition Expedition


Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Weight: 2,500 lbs. of great white muscle

Handicap: 28 hours of salt water immersion

LP Legacy® pits its strength against one of nature’s most powerful forces in our latest Tested Extreme expedition. Dip your toe in the water here.

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Expedition Video

Are you tough enough to swim with a great white?

Hold on to your fins and dive into the virtual adventure of a lifetime.
(Replacement wetsuit not included.)

Second Expedition Expedition


Grin 'n Holler Trail, BC Canada

Handicap: 20 ft. gaps

Attempts: 58 Jumps

After two grueling days of rain and mud, LP Legacy® lands on its feet after serving as a mountain bike ramp. Check it out here.

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A cyclist grabs big air in a forest Expedition Video
A person is pulling a LP board Behind-The-Scenes
First Expedition Expedition


Britannia Falls, Canada

Water Pressure: 625 cubic ft./second

Total Elevation: 70 ft.

LP Legacy® throws down against Mother Nature in our first Tested Extreme expedition. Come along for the ride here.

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A LP board going over a waterfall Expedition Video
Two people giving instructions as they descend down a waterfall Behind-The-Scenes