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Holiday Décor Guide

The holidays are in full swing, and it’s time to make sure your home’s exterior is ready to celebrate the season! Holiday exterior decorations are just one of the fun ways to celebrate—from lights and signs to wreaths and more, there are so many options for bringing the seasonal spirit to your home.

We’re excited to offer a décor guide packed with exterior holiday decorating ideas. Check out how your siding can enhance your décor during this season and throughout the year.

How to Decorate Your House for the Holidays

“There isn’t anything that says holiday like cozy,” says Liz Marie Galvan, the interior designer behind the Liz Marie Blog and owner of The Found Cottage. “It’s a time to welcome friends and family, so white lights, garland and welcoming wreaths are a great way to add cozy vibes to your holiday décor.”

With that in mind, Galvan recommends deciding on a color palette before you go on a shopping trip for exterior holiday decorations. “Think of what colors can accentuate the color of your siding and trim without taking away from the beauty of your home,” she adds. Galvan’s white siding, for example, pairs well with earth tones, green wreaths and a pop of red. 

White siding offers a great neutral backdrop for any exterior holiday decorations, but what if your siding is a more unique color or style? “Simple, natural décor is something that never goes out of style and can usually match any siding texture or color,” Galvan recommends. Options include vintage wooden signs, neutral wreaths or white lighting. There are also many holiday color palettes that can help you ring in the season—from white and red to blue and silver, there are plenty of options you can discover that will match your home’s color.

Because LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is so versatile, many exterior holiday decorating ideas can work to bring out its beauty. Whether it’s enhancing the color palette of your home with LP SmartSide ExpertFinish® siding or calling attention to the cedar-grain texture of your home’s details, using holiday décor to complete a cozy look for the winter months is the way to go.

Add Exterior Holiday Decorations—Without Damaging Your Siding

Here are five quick tips for making sure your home’s exterior looks cozy and bright for the holidays—and your siding remains in great condition.

  • Make a plan before you begin. Sketch your home and decide where you want to add exterior holiday decorations. Think through where it will be easy to install decorations and if you’ll need any particular tools to complete your installation.
  • Weather permitting, clean your siding. Because you’ll want your home to look incredible with exterior holiday decorations added, take this time to conduct your routine, easy siding maintenance. If weather permits, give your siding a gentle wash and visually inspect it to assess its condition.
  • Use clips and other removable hooks. These help you avoid nailing into your siding and allow for easy installation and removal. The weight of décor, such as strings of lights, will rest on the hooks instead of your actual siding. They can also help you attach lights to your shingles or gutters instead of your siding.
  • Do not use adhesives that could damage the siding’s paint or finish. Many quick adhesives and temporary hooks can have adhesive backing that could damage your home’s siding. Avoid these so your siding’s finish will stay intact and so that you won’t have to complete any touch-ups after the decorations come down.
  • Add décor to other areas of the home. Let the siding stand out! Concentrate on adding décor on the front door with a wreath hook, on landscaping and trees, around columns and other accents on your home. 

Don’t Forget Your Shed!

LP Shed

Your home’s look for the holidays doesn’t have to stop at your actual home. Your other outdoor structures, such as your shed, can get a holiday facelift, too!

“Decorating these is a great way to add a cohesive holiday look to your property,” Galvan mentions. “For example, I decorate my LP office shed every year to match my home.” 

Adding exterior holiday decorations to your shed doesn’t have to increase your budget significantly or take up much more time. Consider accent pieces that go along with your home’s overall holiday color palette and style. “Just adding a couple of baby pine trees, garland, a wreath and some vintage sleds make for a festive focal point next to our home,” Galvan adds.

With LP SmartSide Trim & Siding and a few simple decorations, you can create a holiday look for your home that makes for a cozy winter season. Check out our trim and siding product page to explore our variety of timeless, durable LP SmartSide offerings.

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