Shed Builder Spotlight: Shawnee Structures

For Shawnee Structures, building outdoor structures includes everything from standard storage sheds to more elaborate designs such as cabins, garages and barns. By offering these larger outdoor buildings, Shawnee Structures has been able to differentiate its product offerings within the industry since its founding in 1999.

Putting Materials to the Test

LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® has been monumental in our business’ growth and success,” says Seth Stoltzfus, office manager of Shawnee Structures. Specifically, Shawnee Structures has found that LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding works exceptionally well when paired with its popular stain color that is frequently featured on its line of cabins.

When Shawnee Structures began using this stain color—now a customer favorite—about a decade ago, they tested numerous siding products from both an appearance and longevity standpoint to determine their selection. From their testing they discovered the stain adhered best to LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, creating a premium look that they have seen last for more than 10 years with minimal maintenance.

“The adherence of our stain to LP SmartSide Trim & Siding is the main reason we started using LP Outdoor Building Solutions products, but its durability and workability when building a diverse selection of larger structures is the reason it has become a key component for our entire portfolio,” says Stoltzfus. He says the longer lengths of LP SmartSide siding offers installation efficiency and, as one of the most durable siding options they have experienced, stability for their larger buildings such as barns and cabins. Additionally, LP SmartSide siding has allowed Shawnee Structures to build according to current exterior design trends, such as the board and batten modern farmhouse siding style, which is especially valuable when matching garages to new home exterior styles.

Upholding the Brand Promise

Shawnee Structures has seen LP SmartSide siding prove itself over the last decade as a durable siding option capable of standing up to weather, termites and fungal decay. The 5/50-year limited warranty instills added confidence in their customers when selling buildings made with LP SmartSide siding. Stoltzfus says the siding warranty behind these products further helps Shawnee Structures uphold its company mission of providing high-quality buildings.

Shawnee Structures has been using LP SmartSide siding for 10 years and has since incorporated LP Outdoor Building Solutions products into their builds, including LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish®. “Building with LP products helps us achieve our commitment to offering high-quality outdoor structures for our customers,” says Stoltzfus. “As we grow and expand our offerings, our usage of LP Outdoor Building Solutions products has grown alongside it to help fuel our continued success.”

Where to Buy

Shawnee Structures services customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. To purchase a Shawnee Structures building, visit their website at To connect with Shawnee Structures, call 814-623-8212 or send a message to

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