Shed Builder Spotlight: United Portable Buildings

After years of selling sheds, Casey Wiggins, owner and sales director at United Portable Buildings, decided it was time to do things his own way and founded United Portable Buildings in 2017. Given his background, Wiggins takes on company decisions through a sales lens, which ultimately means striving to exceed customer expectations. Wiggins says he does this through two key elements: selecting the right materials to build durable, beautiful sheds and implementing valuable training processes to properly educate employees. 

Putting Materials to the Test

Wiggins was first introduced to LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products on a modern style shed specifically designed with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding on the exterior. He was immediately impressed with the appearance. After seeing the durability and workability of the siding himself, Wiggins was sold.

“I took a piece of OSB and a piece of LP SmartSide siding and put them both in a fish tank full of water,” says Wiggins. “A few days later, the OSB was falling apart but the LP SmartSide siding still looked brand new—I could have even installed it on a shed.”

Training Employees

Moving forward, Wiggins implemented this same durability test into his employee training program to instill a genuine confidence in the products that his employees are selling. “It gets them excited about the product and the LP SmartSide limited warranty it is backed by,” says Wiggins. “Customers definitely pick up on this—it’s clear our salespeople believe in LP Outdoor Building Solutions products and are highly educated on them when answering questions.”

Enduring Heat, Humidity and Hail Storms

United Portable Buildings sells sheds in Texas and Mississippi, which incur heat indexes reaching up to 108 degrees, arid climates in western Texas, and more humid weather in eastern Texas and Mississippi. Needless to say, the weather in this region puts United Portable Buildings’ sheds to the test. 

“LP SmartSide siding is the reason for the majority of our business because it’s one of the most durable siding options capable of standing up to extreme weather elements without incurring any expansion or warping,” says Wiggins. “With this durable siding, we can confidently tell customers that their sheds built with LP Outdoor Building Solutions products, with proper maintenance, will look the same on the day they buy it as it will years later.”

Furthermore, Wiggins says a customer in Georgetown, Texas was recently hit with a hail storm that did extensive damage to the exterior of their home and more than 200,000 others in the area. “Despite this, their shed did not have a single dent or paint chip–you wouldn’t believe the shed and home went through the same storm,” says Wiggins. “This speaks volumes about the durability of the sheds we build at United Portable Buildings, and we attribute this to the LP Outdoor Building Solutions materials we use on each one.”

Leveraging Manufacturer Partnerships

In addition to the products, Wiggins says he’s impressed with the marketing and training support provided by LP Outdoor Building Solutions. “LP Outdoor Building Solutions has truly been a partner since day one,” says Wiggins. “LP ensures we are equipped to properly market and sell our sheds built with LP Outdoor Building Solutions products unlike any other manufacturer.”

Where to Buy

United Portable Buildings services customers in Texas and Mississippi. To purchase a United Portable Buildings shed, visit their website at To connect with United Portable Buildings, call 254-774-6994 or send a message to


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