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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® House Trim: Tough, Beautiful and in a Class by Itself

Exterior house trim can make or break a home. It can either look beautiful for many years to come, or break down and cause damage around windows and inside walls. With so many options, it can be hard to choose the right kind of trim and house fascia – until you know the facts.

LP® SmartSide® Trim is in a class of its own when compared to traditional wood or fiber cement trim. Both beautiful and exceptionally durable, LP SmartSide Trim gives any home the warm, natural look of real cedar, and the toughness of engineered wood. Consider these advantages.

  • Durable. Unlike traditional wood, LP SmartSide Trim and Fascia resist fungal decay and termites, thanks to the proprietary SmartGuard® process. They are an excellent choice for areas where high humidity, sun, snow or termites can take a toll on a home.
  • Impact-resistant. Compared to fiber cement, LP SmartSide products are more resistant to impacts that can cause cracking, denting or breaking.
  • Easy to handle. LP SmartSide products are lighter weight and easy to handle on the job site. They also cut easily with standard woodworking tools, so there are no special blades required. The pieces are consistently straight and free of knots so there’s less waste.
  • Longer lengths. LP SmartSide Trim and Fascia are available in lengths up to 16 feet for fewer seams than most house trim, and you’ll get a premium appearance that enhances the curb appeal of any home.

Find out the real difference between LP SmartSide Trim and MiraTEC® trim.

The Perfect Complement for Any Type of Siding

LP SmartSide Trim and Fascia are the perfect complement for homes finished in LP SmartSide lap or panel siding, as well as vinyl, brick, wood, stucco or fiber cement. Whether you choose cedar texture, smooth finish, narrow or wide trim, all trim products come pre-primed and ready to paint.

Outstanding Warranty Coverage

LP has your back with a five-year, 100% labor and replacement warranty, plus an outstanding 50-year pro-rated limited warranty. With one of the most competitive warranties in the market, you can rest assured your trim is protected by one of the most trusted brands in building materials.

To schedule a meeting with an LP representative, call our Customer Care Center at (888) 820-0325. If you’re ready to purchase LP SmartSide siding, trim, fascia or vented soffit, we invite you to find a retailer near you.

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